At the Centre for Transformative Media Technologies we apply a blend of cultural, artistic and socio-technological research to address the nature, scope and impact of transformative media technologies.

We build new pathways and extend Swinburne’s outstanding research record in science, innovation and technology by bringing humanities, arts and social sciences into the equation.

Our unique experience


Our activities align with science, innovation and technology research at Swinburne, and a major partnership between Swinburne University of Technology and the Australian Centre for Moving Image. Our facilities include a bespoke ARC funded research lab for embodied movement Design.


Our research is externally focused on: technologies of transformative media and understanding how the body is mediated by such media; creative methodologies drawn from creative arts; digital and virtual heritage; and industry and community engagement.


We examine how Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and robotic interfaces enable new immersive and multisensory experiences to profoundly change the ways humans sense and interact with the world.


We create new models to analyse and create these transformative media experiences. Our research is critical to understand and positively shape media transformation.

The creative methods that shape art, entertainment, media, and the galleries, libraries, archives and the museum sector are also changing in response to the opportunities and challenges of digital technologies – changing the nature of human perception and interaction.

Technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality place viewers in frameless, volumetric, multisensory environments that include perceptual modes such as haptics, touch and bodily movement – not ‘screen’ culture. 

This radically transforms concepts of storytelling, immersion, spectatorship, identity and embodiment from traditional theory and practice. New media forms expand and enhance human perception, socio-political processes, and community engagement.


Our projects reflect the diverse expertise of our researchers and range from mobile filmmaking and virtual experiences, to robot art and robot journalism. We work collaboratively across disciplinary and conceptual lines to understand and proactively advance the power of new media technologies to transform art, culture, industry and human experience.


Superheroes: Creative Force, Cultural Zeitgeist and Transmedia Phenomenon


Play It Again: Preserving Australian videogame history of the 1990s


Enhancing the impact of Australian performing arts: virtual scenography and opera for the 21st century


Clients and partners

We currently work with many partners in the arts, GLAM sector and wider industries such as health and education.

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