Superheroes: Creative Force, Cultural Zeitgeist and Transmedia Phenomenon

Superheroes and Me is a Linkage project funded by the ARC (2016-19) with industry partner, ACMI, with chief investigators Angela Ndalianis and Liam Burke.

Play It Again: Preserving Australian videogame history of the 1990s

This project documents, preserves, and exhibits digital cultural heritage. The challenge of preserving and accessing complex digital cultural heritage such as software is one that collecting institutions worldwide are facing.

Enhancing the impact of Australian performing arts: virtual scenography and opera for the 21st century

Digitally created virtual 3D scenography has the potential to create immersive stage environments that re-imagine and re-tool the artistic language of opera production for the 21st century, and to re-model the economics of live theatre production through reducing touring costs.